Prayer Requests

Please remember our brother knights and their families in your prayers.


Our Symbol:

Spiritually, the sacred symbols fashioned on our sword and lapel pin, typify the union of the Three Divine Persons in one Godhead The Most Holy Trinity.   

  • The Globe: God the Father, Creator of the Universe.   
  • The Cross: God the Son, Redeemer of Mankind.  
  • The Dove: God the Holy Spirit, Sanctifier of Humanity.




In the early years of the Fourth Degree, members met as part of their councils, mostly after meetings. In 1910, during a reorganization of the Order's leadership, the first Assemblies were created. Additionally the position of Supreme Master was established to lead the Fourth Degree internationally. Vice Supreme Masters lead Provinces and Masters head Districts. This system has spread and flourished as Sir Knights not only serve their local Church through their service to local councils but also their joint efforts in these Assemblies. The Honor Guard, first called for in 1886 was officially formed in 1902, for ceremonial purposes. Since that time, the uniforms of the Color Corps have varied, however all have shared the similar theme of mariners. Most noticeable in today's current uniform is the chapeau worn with ostrich feathers.




First Exemplification

The first Exemplification of the new Degree was scheduled to be held in the Astor Hotel in New York City on February 22, 1900. However, there were so many candidates, the Exemplification had to be moved to a larger venue. Therefore the site was moved to the Lenox Lyceum. At this first Exemplification of the Fourth Degree 1,100 members of the Knights of Columbus, being in good standing "took their fourth." The second Exemplification, held in Boston on May 8, 1900 saw another 750 Third Degree knights join the ranks of Sir Knights. 


Prayer List

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Prayer Requests


Dan Morgan, Mike Gillivan, Patricia Thurman, Robert Wilke, Herb Baker, Bill Retally,
Chuck Linder, Minnie Galvan, Grant Thurman, Mike Perrone, and Ron Bowman.


Please Pray for Our Deceased Sir Knights

Prayers for our deceased brothers.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam  "May his soul be on God's right side"


The souls of Msgr. John Sammon and Louis Gottschalk


Columbian Year 2010-2011  FN SK Ernie Oleary


            SK George C. Ash         Council  06309          SK William Byrne          Council  06020

            SK Albert Bercher         Council  06020          SK Donny A. Arango    Council  01154

            SK Edwin Grove Jr        Council  13111          SK Frederick G. Vogt    Council  07309

            SK Rev Lionel Bouvier    Council  06020       SK  William T. Mann      Council  13311


Columbian Year 2009-2010  FN SK German Medel


            SK Generoso Ordinado    Council 04398             SK Dominic Macera          Council  03926

             SK Vincent Bennett       Council 04922             SK Robert Clark              Council  07985

            SK Paul Dearth               Council 08599             SK Richard Juarez           Council  07309

            SK Marcelo Beleber        Council 06020             SK Eugene Greytak, PFN  Council  01842

            SK Bernard Selz             Council07309


Columbian Year 2008-2009  FN SK Dr.Ronn Knowles


            SK Heve Binette              Council  05385           SK Robert  L. Owens      Council  06020

            SK Theodore Beall          Council  01842            SK Jules M. Sulsona      Council  07985

            SK  Charles Carothers      Council  07309           SK Thomas D. Osborne  Council  04922




Columbian Year 2007-2008  FN SK Roy Sapp


            SK  Henry L. Michel         Council  06020          SK  John D. Conlin        Council  09667       

            SK  Peter  Mosca             Council  09667          SK  John G. Joham Jr.   Council  03926

            SK  Joseph Damroth         Council  09667          SK  John A. Hamill       Council  04992
            SK John Kott                    Council 06332


Columbian Year 2006-2007  FN SK Ellsworth Shade


             SK  Francis X. Rapprich     Council  06020        SK  Leroy L. Boschet Sr    Council  08336

             SK  George  Coffey           Council  08336        SK  David  Stafford            Council  05568

             SK  Richard McCaffrey      Council  10782        SK  William P. Bernard     Council  06020

             SK  Clifton Kimbrough       Council  01842


Columbian Year 2005-2006  FN SK Marcial Gamboa 

               SK  William Bodrogi Jr.    Council  4398          SK Msgr Paul M. Martin    Council 7519

               SK  William E. Sniezko     Council  4922          SK Joseph O. Serrano        Council 1842

               SK  Wilson N. De Temple  Council  8336        SK Robert Newell         Council 6020   

                SK Kenneth McGallian      Council 13111       SK Richard McCaffrey      Council 10782

         Columbian Year 2004-2005  FN SK Grant Thurman 

 SK William Boyle         Council  09667                SK Hugh A McManus     Council 05568

 SK Frank Lopez Sr.      Council  09667                SK William Ackermam  Council 07985           

             SK Joseph E. Clement  Council 10287                 SK James P. Marvin      Council 07309          

 SK John J. Barrett        Council 09667                 SK Tirzo Melgosa          Council 01842          

 SK Gary  Hartman       Council 13111                 


Columbian Year 2003 – 2004  FN SK Robert Wilke 

SK Richard J Austin      Council  09667                 SK Richard C. Puglisi      Council  06020

SK Donald Dreeland     Council  07985                 SK Stanley  J. Halka       Council  05568

SK Clarence W Ball      Council  05568


Columbian Year 2002 – 2003  FN SK Guy Gottschalk 

SK Frank P. Silveri                             Council    01842

SK Manuel Q. Arjona                     Council 6020                                                                                                                                               

SK Irvin C. Chitty                            Council    07309

SK Deacon Lewis P. Merandi            Council    06020

SK Robert Braden                             Council    01842

SK Arnold N. Feidt                              Council    01842

SK Arthur J. Madden                          Council    04581

SK Edward P. Cass                              Council    07985

SK George H. Walsh                           Council    09667


Columbian Year 2001 – 2002  FN SK Barry Crawley 

SK  Robert Steffensmeier                       Council  04398

SK Rev Emilian J. Meade                       Council  00840

SK Andy M. Hildebrant                         Council  06020

SK Msgr. Timothy Doyle                      Council  07985

SK Joseph Giannantonio                        Council  05385

SK Lorenzo Ronquillo                            Council  06020

SK Charles W. Hartke                            Council  06020

SK Leroy T. Puzin                                 Council  05042


Columbian Year 2000 – 2001  FN SK Gabriel Ruiz 

SK Orland “Joe” Robinson                     Council  04398

SK Harold M. Yegge                               Council  12451

SK John  S. Gray                                    Council  04922

SK Anthony D. Marinelli, PFN             Council  04922

SK Terrance J. Jennings                          Council  01842

SK Joseph G. Farley                              Council  08336

SK Harold J. Swanson                            Council  01842

SK Ben Cunningham                               Council  09594

SK Alfred F. Derham                              Council  05385 


Columbian Year 1999 – 2000   FN SK Christopher Mino 

SK Ray Allen Fore                                 Council  09667

SK Philip J. Grady                                 Council  03502

SK Richard H. Suess                               Council  05385

SK Edward L. Wallace                            Council  05568

SK Thomas V. Donlan                            Council  09667

SK Robert  O. Gau                                 Council  01990

SK Donald C. Fennell                             Council  01842

SK Herbert K. Schimel                           Council  04922

SK Octavo C. The’                                 Council  07985

SK Edwin J. Smura                                 Council  05568

SK John  J. Dixon                                   Council  06020

SK Jerome E. Kuecks                             Council  05385

SK Leroy Garcia                                     Council  09667

SK Frank J. Charles                                Council  09667

SK Leonard B. Castillo                           Council  01842


Columbian Year 1998 – 1999  FN  SK Guillermo Rettally 

SK Andre R. Durocher                           Council  04398

SK James C. Goodwin                            Council  05568

SK John R. Puchalski                             Council  08336

SK John J. Desmond                              Council  07985

SK Richard R. Auger                              Council  04922

SK Charles A. DeLotell                          Council  09667

SK Arthur  H.Petit, PFN                        Council  05042

SK James F. Thompson                         Council  04922

SK William T. White                              Council  09667

SK Donald E. Calahan                            Council  05385


Columbian Year 1997 – 1998  FN SK Nicholas Horsky


SK Tom Antoci                                      Council  08336

SK John C. Bartkus                                                Council  04922

K Anthony Monte                                 Council  03517


Columbian Year 1996 – 1997  FN SK Joseph Flynn


SK Rev John J. Delaney                         Council  10782

SK Rev Joseph K. McEneany                Council  04398

SK Vincient D. Mount                           Council  05568

SK Richard F. Lennert                            Council  04398

SK Harold E. Flower                              Council  04922

SK David Arrieta                                    Council  07985

SK John P.Costantino                            Council  06332

SK Lowell C. Burch                                Council  01154 


Columbian Year 1995 – 1996  FN SK William Stephan 

SK Richard C. Von Reyn                        Council  10782

SK Joseph E. Porter                               Council  10782

SK Thomas P. Brown                             Council  09667

SK Edward M. Brennan                           Council  04398

SK William J. Refice                               Council  08336

SK Harold E. Dillman                             Council  00939

SK Stephen A. Koza                              Council  01842 


Columbian Year 1994 – 1995  FN SK Donald Smith 

SK Joseph M. Miller Jr.                         Council  10287

SK Rev Conrad Gaffney                         Council  08336

SK Harold Walker                                   Council  05042


Columbian Year 1993 – 1994  FN Joseph Damroth 

SK Sam Biondo                                       Council  04581

SK John Gelrud                                      Council  01842

SK Joseph Giovengo                              Council  05568

SK Fred Gregori                                      Council  03772


Columbian Year 1992 – 1993  FN SK Ollie Valencia 

SK Anthony Abati                                 Council  04922

SK Thaddeus Boyne                               Council  08336

SK John Cook                                         Council  07309

SK Harold Graf                                       Council  04922

SK Carmine Hobbie                                Council  01842

SK Edmund Le Ber                                 Council  06020

SK William Meyer                                  Council  08336

SK Eugene Nesmith                                Council  09487

SK Martin Regan                                    Council  05385

SK Stanley Rymsza                                Council  07309

SK Frank Simons                                    Council  09667

SK August Theisen                                 Council  04922





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Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus

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